Saturday, August 23, 2014


Little Mr. Farwell had a busy start to summer--New Hampshire for a weekend of family camp with our church, swim lessons on Fridays at the neighborhood pool, back to New Hampshire for our first Storyland trip, and lots of fun around town...

The official St. Paul's bell ringer at Barbara C. Harris Family Camp weekend.  We were there 20 minutes early to make sure he got to ring the bell!
Getting ready to go canoeing at family camp.  He's a born camper!
Swim lessons at the neighborhood pool!

A little tennis with Dad! 
Hiking up to Diana's Bath in North Conway

First trip to Storyland.  This kid loves amusement parks (even when its 90+ degrees)!
His self-declared favorite part--meeting the princess (aka Cinderella).

Second row from the front, first roller coaster...
Still smiling at the end (and wanted to go again).
Log flume awesomeness
Museum of Science with Dad
Dairy Queen happiness

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