Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vacation: Part II

After a brief stop at home (and some time in the backyard), we finished off our family vacation with a trip to Minneapolis to visit friends.  As you'll see, Little Mr. Farwell (and everyone else) had a blast.  When we got home, he immediately asked to go back.

Backyard fun with Daddy

Biking in Minnesota

Hanging out with Little Miss K

Happy Mamas
Watching Little Mr. K's first soccer practice
Sculpture Garden--awesomeness

Boys playing

Vacation: Part I

Our family vacation last week was made up of two separate trips.  The first trip was to Nantucket for the Daffodil Festival.  It was a great trip-full of sunshine, boats, antique cars, bike rides, dogs, beaches and yummy food.  Here are some pictures, stay tuned for Part II of the vacation.