Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mid-Summer Update

Little Mr. Farwell enjoyed the South Carolina shore last week with his Nana, Grandad, Uncle Chris and mom.  The quaint, self-declared "arrogantly shabby" town of Pawleys Island delighted the little guy--particularly all of the dogs he met on the beach, the sailboats he saw, the sand he dug his chubby little fingers into, the foot-washing faucet he could turn on himself, and, of course, all of the laughs and hugs with family.  We finished up a great vacation week by playing with friends, visiting Drumlin Farm and Elm Bank Park, and spending lots of time laughing with Dad.

Moving Nana's chair up and down was, officially, hilarious.

He would have spent all day, everyday playing with the faucet.
Making sure he got all of the ice cream
Triumphant in his no-shirt-necessary ice cream eating

Playing with the raft and Grandad      

Visiting Elm Bank Park in Natick--where there is an entire garden dedicated to kids!
Spaghetti night out--these guys love their pasta!
Hug-fest at Drumlin Farm.  In between hugs, Little Mr. Farwell and his friends pet a chicken, took a hayride, moo'ed at cows, and had a fun picnic.