Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello summer!

Little Mr. Farwell loves being OUTSIDE (which is clear when he yells 'ou-ide' whenever we bring him inside).  Here are some pictures from his adventures OUTSIDE at Richardson's Farm, the beach in Gloucester, the playground in Weston and our yard  (and a couple inside--to share the joy of climbing up on chairs with you).

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring 2012

Now that Little Mr. Farwell is on the run, we spend most of our time running after him (with very little lazing about and updating blogs...) Here are some pictures from the last couple of months, including the little guy's first Easter egg hunt, his first car, a visit from Grandma Nena, Uncle Greg, Nana and Grandad, and his baptism (and backyard romp with all of the BC Law babies). He loves being outside, being tickled, and being on the move. We are so outrageously blessed.
Meeting the "donkey" on Palm Sunday
Easter egg hunt!!!

Sharing ice cream with Daddy

First Red Sox Game--meeting Wally

Baskets are for climbing in, right?

Could Daddy or Auntie Ruth look any happier?

Enjoying dinner in NH with Auntie Ruth

Exploring outside with Grandma Nena

Happy birthday Grandad!

Checking out the seals at the Aquarium with Uncle Greg

Baptism morning at St. Paul's with Little Mr. Farwell's godparents

Four years & six babies later....

Perilously close to putting his hand in the icing

Little Mr. Farwell's favorite place--outside & in the Cozy Coupe


Mother's Day walk at Walden Pond