Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little Mr. Sweetness

Little Mr. Farwell had a streak of superb sharing this weekend, and has started saying "I share you" (meaning, I'm sharing with you). We are very proud of him.

His sharing streak started when we went up to New Hampshire to visit Aunt Ruth the Great-Great.  He brought along a book of little books and happily shared them and read them with Aunt Ruth.

And he quickly figured out just how much she enjoyed his hugs.  And shared lots of them.

Then when we got home, he noticed that the Buddha in the dining room that had been wearing a Santa hat no longer had a hat (the Christmas decorations are almost all gone).   As soon as he was finished with his dinner, Little Mr. Farwell headed to mudroom to pick out one of his hats to share with Buddha.  Not only did he gladly share a hat, he chose he most favorite owl hat to share.  We're pretty sure that this made Buddha (and us) very happy.