Thursday, May 15, 2014


Roller skating (while the snow melts)
Making music with Evan

Picnic with Mom in the backyard
Helping rake leaves with the church youth group big kids
Playground with Ms. Brown

Visit from the stupendous Uncle Greg
Macaroni, cheese & peas (for St. Patrick's Day)
Easter egg hunt with the Weir-Achilles
Helping to paint his big guy room

Hiking in Sherborn

Winter Recap

With summer around the corner, I'll try to summarize the winter of 2014 in brief...snow, snow, Little Mr. Farwell turns 3, snow, respite from snow, snow...

Our very own plow service

Celebrating turning 3 with our Isis friends (these big kids have known each other since 4 weeks)
Birthday fun with three of his favorite friends!

Gloves and hat, awesome
Daddy's boots
Yogurt (yum) smoothie
Train ride to the city
Valentine's Day chef
3 year old check up
Dr. Yuan and his student/ patient
Dominican Republic...ahhhh

"Kayaking" in the Caribbean

Swimming with Dad!