Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jingle bells

Little Mr. Farwell is still overflowing with Christmas delight...and occassionally breaking into a rendition of "ingle bells, ingle bells, hey!" Keep scrolling down to the bottom for a video performance.

A little pre-holiday recycling
Baby it's cold outside--time for hats and gloves
Examining the tree
Hanging out after seeing Santa
New Elmo slippers, awesome
The cutest (and only) little sheep in the Christmas pageant

Christmas morning!!!
Pouring a drink for mom
Looking at Uncle Chris' present
New Mizzou sweatshirt.  Go Tigers!
First remote control toy, not sure who loved it more. 
Train set!  Again, not sure who loved it more.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

Little Mr. Farwell was super fun (and willing to be photographed) this weekend.  Here are a few shots. 
SNOW!  Little Mr. Farwell enjoyed a walk in the winter wonderful of our backyard.  Until the snow got into his boots.

Fun dinner party with our cooking group, including four kiddos.  Little G on the left is a year younger than Little Mr. Farwell and cute as can be.
2 year old birthday party, and a chance to roll Mommy around.

More birthday party fun

Not this weekend, but a cute picture of the little guy in the high school gym.  He's got a lot of growing to do before he's ready to start dunking.

Monday, November 26, 2012

So very, very thankful . . .

for a wonderful trip to California, for a toddler who travels well, for wrestling with cousins, for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, for two fabulous nieces, for the chance to put our toes in the Pacific ocean, for friends in Redwood City....

Monday, October 8, 2012

O, Canada!

We had a terrific week up in Nova Scotia in mid-September.  More boats, trucks and birds than Little Mr. Farwell could count--all to his delight!

Greeting a huge turtle in Halifax

Ducking under a wave in the same cool Halifax park

Cannons in a fort at the top of Halifax

"Taking pictures" of the harbor

Life jackets, check!

Kayaking on shore before Daddy headed out to explore the lake

A lake all to ourselves

Mahone Bay, one of our favorite places

Not sure about the chickens...

Very sure about the sticks!

All done apple picking, time to start the apple eating

There's an awesome playground in Lunenburg

Whale rides and everything

Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic

Look closely, Little Mr. Farwell was swallowed by a whale