Monday, June 13, 2011

Go West (Again) Young Man

A couple days after we got back from Missouri, Little Mr. Farwell and I headed west again to visit dear friends in Minneapolis.  We had a great time seeing their new home and playing with their growing kids.  Little Mr. Farwell particularly liked sitting in the high chair and watching the kids!    
Coffee date with Katy while the big kids napped

"My hands are huge"

Three kids in one Subaru Outback.  Impressive.

Not so sure about the pool

Back in Massachestts, sporting his UC Davis gear. We're sending this photo in with his application 17 years from now.

Brrrr, a chilly June day

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Go West Young Man

Little Mr. Farwell made his first journey to Missouri to meet the Farwells over Memorial Day weekend.  He was a great traveller--even when our flight out of Springfield was cancelled and we unexpectedly got to visit Arkansas and Texas on the way home.  Here is a sampling of the pictures of the little guy with his cousins, Grandma Nena, aunts, uncles & new friends.
Little Mr. Farwell's first flight

Reading to Grandma Nena...
and Uncle Greg

Chilling out with Uncle Jeff

Cousin Sarafina & her "Little Buddy"
More cousins!!!  Lathan, Sarafina, Aunt Teresa, LMF, Hayden & Sophia

Lunch with the Rouse House

Big smiles for Gretchen
Blowing bubbles
Meeting Aunt Patty & more cousins!
Aunt Kamille & Aunt Teresa with baby cousins

Little Mr. Farwell stayed home with Grandma Nena, Aunt Jen & Uncle Greg--but we had fun getting ice cream with the girls

There are bouncy chairs everywhere--even at Grandma Nena's house!

Going to the park (on a hot, sunny day)

A family trip to the Springfield Zoo

Uncle Derek's first Bjorn adventure

Visiting Carolyn (Daddy's babysitter years ago) & Kara (Daddy's childhood friend)
Trying out Carolyn's swing--and loving it!

Since last we posted...

Little Mr. Farwell has been a busy man. Here are some random pictures (with pictures from our trip to Missouri coming soon).
Meeting Kristin & Will over delicious Firefly's barbeque.  Awesome.
We may have the happiest baby on the block.

Grand Dad and Nana come up for Nana's birthday.  Little Mr. Farwell had a great nap on Grand Dad's lap, Nana had a happy birthday, and we (Mom and Dad) had a full night's sleep in Falmouth.  Really awesome.
Oh, and we visited Great-Great Aunt Ruth and Great Nana Kay and had lobster rolls and ice cream.  Almost as awesome as the full night's rest.

Playing with the parachute at mommy-baby class.

A group picture of our 2nd mommy-baby class. 

They're not actually upside down, but they are actually holding hands.

All cheeks!
Playdate with Miss Emmaline
Learning to nap in his crib