Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sesame Place

On the way to the Outer Banks, we had a great time at Sesame Place.  The rides were great, we're still singing songs from Elmo's rock concert, and we are quite sure that Little Mr. Farwell is not quite ready to meet large furry friends.

Beach Boy

We stretched out summer a bit by joining Nana and Grandad for some time on the Outer Banks the week after Labor Day.  Little Mr. Farwell loved digging in the sand, chasing birds, eating ice cream and playing mini golf for the first time (and even got a hole in one!).

Falling in love with Fall

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Grandma's House We Go!

We spent the long 4th of July weekend in Missouri visiting family and friends.  It was a great visit!
Pretending to be guinea pigs with cousins

Hanging out with David Rouse

Feeding the fish at Stockton Lake

Checking out Uncle Derek's boat!

Little Mr. Farwell was inspired by his cousins to try swimming in the lake with a swim noodle.  Great job little guy!

Playing with a tractor that Daddy played with!
4th of July fireworks!
Cousin rock concert
Making breakfast with Grandma

Republic has some great playgrounds!

Even Daddy & Uncle Jeff got into the fun
Driving the bus....
And telling the passengers where to sit

Happy guys!