Thursday, January 16, 2014

More autumn fun

In November, Little Mr. Farwell had a visit from his favorite professor at the University of Minnesota, played with two of his best "law school" buddies, and delighted in our trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving (except for those 16 hours he spiked a fever and seemed to temporarily lose his zest for life).

Drumlin Farm with Dr. Katy

Little Mr. Farwell's friend, Mr. R, being an awesome knight
Jam session
Post "Turkey Trot" (walk around the block because it was SO cold) silliness with Grandad & Nana

"Yoga" instruction for Grandad

Visiting family in Lexington, VA
Delivering Aunt Sandi's gift
Playing with Aunt Brenda's dog
Walking the dog!

Dinner with Nana's extended family
Sleeping in his own bed at the hotel
Natural Bridge

Horsing around with Grandad & Daddy in Fairfax

Airport dance party! If only we all handled flight delays so well.

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