Monday, July 25, 2011

A backlog of adventures... (Part I)

Since we last added pictures, Little Mr. Farwell has done quite a bit.  He's charmed his Grandma Nena and Nana Willa during their visits, went strawberry picking, celebrated his first Father's Day, sent me off to work (with no tears on his part), figured out how to roll over, went swimming for the first time, attended a wedding (in a bow tie & seersucker trousers!), started flirting with the idea of sitting up, begun eating sweet potatoes and green peas and started daycare (today).  Here is some photographic proof of the adventures--and, of course, his cuteness...


  1. Great pictures! Thanks!

  2. Uncle Greg says Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Looks like Daddy needs to see some more sun!