Thursday, June 2, 2011

Since last we posted...

Little Mr. Farwell has been a busy man. Here are some random pictures (with pictures from our trip to Missouri coming soon).
Meeting Kristin & Will over delicious Firefly's barbeque.  Awesome.
We may have the happiest baby on the block.

Grand Dad and Nana come up for Nana's birthday.  Little Mr. Farwell had a great nap on Grand Dad's lap, Nana had a happy birthday, and we (Mom and Dad) had a full night's sleep in Falmouth.  Really awesome.
Oh, and we visited Great-Great Aunt Ruth and Great Nana Kay and had lobster rolls and ice cream.  Almost as awesome as the full night's rest.

Playing with the parachute at mommy-baby class.

A group picture of our 2nd mommy-baby class. 

They're not actually upside down, but they are actually holding hands.

All cheeks!
Playdate with Miss Emmaline
Learning to nap in his crib 


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