Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Road Trip!

First Stop:  New Jersey to visit Aunt Susan, Cousin Kate & Uncle Tom

And, Pepper, Little Mr. Farwell's first meeting with a dog

Next Stop: Fairfax to visit Nana and Granddad

A beautiful walk in the county park with Nana

Little Mr. Farwell does not travel light, his bouncy chair came along for the trip, to his delight
A bath in Nana & Granddad's kitchen
Next Stop: Little Mr. Farwell's first train ride into DC to meet Whitney

Next Stop: Little Mr. Farwell's first adventure to Syria, Virginia (a tiny town in the Blue Ridge Mountains), and a quick walk down to the stream with Andy

Learning how to play, or how not to play, backgammon with Granddad and Bo

An Easter egg hunt
Cuddling with Sandy

Hanging out in the cabin

Easter Bunny Ears

Playing with Patty

Resting on his Easter duck

Last Stop: New York to visit Haley and Adam

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